Downtown Evanston - Parking

Welcome! With a mix of convenient street parking and multiple garages, parking is easy in downtown Evanston. 

There are three Self-Park garages in downtown Evanston that are open 24/7. Parking is FREE for the first hour and FREE all day on Sundays. Click here to view more information about the rates, monthly passes and locations. 

  • Maple Avenue - 1800 Maple Ave. (entrance on Maple Ave. or University Place)
  • Sherman Plaza - 821 Davis St. (entrance on Davis St. or Benson Ave.)
  • Church Street - 525 Church St. (entrance on Church St. or Clark St.)
Perk alert: if attending a movie at Cinemark Century Theater, parking at the Maple Avenue Parking Garage is FREE for 4 hours with theater parking validation. 

Additional parking garages and lots are available in downtown Evanston; rates and hours of operation vary by location. 

Parking meters are in effect from 8am to 9pm Mondays through Saturdays citywide and 1pm to 9pm on Sunday. The rate is $1.50 per hour with a maximum time of 2 hours unless otherwise noted. 

Downtown Evanston has zoned paystations that use license plates to monitor parking time. The paystations accept coin, credit card or you can download and pay with the Park Evanston App. Below are a few tips for using the paystations.  

1. Write down or take a photo of your license plate before going to the paybox because you will have to enter the license plate number.

2. Use coin or credit card to pay for your time, maximum of 2 hours. 

3. You do not have to display a receipt on your dash board. 

If you are using the Park Evanston App:

1. Look for the signs with the parking zone number. 

2. Sign in on the app, enter the zone, choose your stay and select method of payment. 

3. Please note that there is no 35 cents service fee if you purchase 2 hours. 

    Protected bike parking is available in the following locations in addition to bike racks throughout downtown. Please note it is illegal to ride bikes on sidewalks in downtown Evanston. 
    • First floor of the Maple Avenue parking garage (enter from Maple Ave.)
    • Second floor of the Sherman Plaza parking garage (enter at the corner of Davis and Benson to take the elevator to the second floor)